Carola's Cake Story

Carol had always dreamed of opening a bakery. She grew up in Brazil, where she learned to bake traditional Brazilian sweets from her mother and grandmother. After she moved to the United States, she missed being able to buy the kinds of treats she grew up with. So, she decided to open her own bakery and bring a taste of Brazil to her new home.

Carol, the onwer of Carola's Cake

Carola's Cake store is small shop and Carol works tirelessly to make sure her cakes and pastries are always fresh and delicious. She used only the finest ingredients and put her heart and soul into every batch of sweets she made.
As word of Carola's cakes and pastries spread, more and more people started to try them. Soon, Carola's Cake store became known as the place to go for authentic Brazilian treats in Houston. People came from all over the city to sample Carola's famous brigadeiros, cake in a jar, and birthday cakes (among others). Carola was thrilled to see her dream of owning a bakery become a reality.

As the years went by, Carola's Cake store continued to thrive and now Carol is launching this website. She is grateful to be able to share a part of her culture and heritage with her community through her baking.